World through my eyes

Wednesday 22nd September

Gloriously uneventful, picked up by Supershuttle on time, arrived at airport with tons of time, did not check any bags, bought postcards for Sue, got reminder call from Barbara to buy cards but already done. Only forgotten item was my plastic bags of English and Swiss monies. However that was no problem, I used credit cards and an ATM. I wandered around got a light lunch and some drinks and got to the boarding desk with a couple of minutes to spare. They did not give me an upgrade. It was a Boeing 777B. My seat was 21C second row back from Business class, no seat in front so legs could stretch out but since there was no seat in front of me, there was no place to stuff my backpack etc. into. Luckily, although plane was pretty full, the seat to my left was empty, so I used that space for my stuff. Each seat had its own choice of program and movie. I watched Ripley Scott’s Robin Hood with Russell Crowe, which was a bit disappointing compared to Scott’s other films. I had no success sleeping, and we arrived at LHR on time 7:00am.


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