World through my eyes

Thursday 23rd September

Caught the National bus from Heathrow Central bus station to Bristol. Called my sister Sue from the bus to say “the eagle has landed” etc.  Arrived Bristol 10:00am, made way to meeting point, called Sue, she was 20 yards away in her little blue car. Sue drove to Weston and her new home. It is very nice indeed, reminiscent of the old place but smaller. It has a lovely tiled floor kitchen, 3 bedrooms upstairs and a computer room. I was assigned Liam’s room, I love the doors they put on to the closet, very classy simple open design on the doors. We skyped with Liam (in Nantes) and with Sian (in Nottingham). Via Skype video we showed Sian the posters Barbara had got for Sian. Sian and Liam are both away at university, so Sue has an empty nest. The downstairs loo is Sue’s current project and pride and joy. She showed photos of the disaster it was before she embarked on her project. She has replaced the toilet, ripped off the wallpaper, repainted etc., tore out the old sink (to be replaced by a new corner sink imminently), had a curtain rail (with curtain) installed while I was there. Also “Deb” dropped by while I was staying, to apply the gloss to the trim. I slept well in Liam’s room that night, not getting up until 10:00am next day.


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