World through my eyes

Friday 24th September

On Friday Sue and I chatted and walked into town. I bought a pair of light non-need-to-press-trousers at Marks and Spencers, plus a tie, in case the meeting in Cairo was a bit formal (it is not). We checked at the charity shop down the street and found we could have got the tie for half price. To ensure we would be on time to get to the bus station, we left Sue’s place at about 3:30pm stopping off en route for Sue to run an errand. There was light traffic so we arrived at the bus station in Bristol with 45 mins to spare. The bus left Bristol at 5:00pm on time arriving at the Central Bus station Heathrow at 7:20pm. I caught the Hoppa bus shuttle and checked in at the Heathrow Holiday Inn at about 8:00pm. After laying out my gear in my room, I had a light dinner of a tuna and cucumber sandwich plus an orange juice, afterwards retiring to my room to work a bit on the first two talks for Cairo. The hotel had free Internet for the first 20 mins and after that one was charged. This way they can advertize somewhat misleadingly that they have free Internet. Anyhow I did not use it.


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