World through my eyes

Wednesday 29th September

Up at 7:40am, usual breakfast except the cheese was not in a triangular Kraft like package but cut on a plate. No sign of my laundry yet, Luc Lame says the laundry man was off yesterday so we should get it tomorrow. We were picked up to drive from the Guest House to the Space Weather Center at 8:45am. The morning was spent reading emails, updating lectures, putting together my travel refund request and getting the contact coordinates of our guide in Luxor on Sunday. Lunch was standard fare (rice, lamb, bread roll, apple juice in a carton, mixed vegetable (carrots, peas, string beans, and a cup of coffee). I have decided lunch is not very appetizing, and feels a bit like the hospital food in that it is probably healthy but un-inspired. What with the sweating and food I am probably losing a fraction of a belt notch every 2 or 3 days. At 4pm I gave my hands on presentation on “Diagnosing Network Problems for non-Networkers”. Each student had her/his own machine with Windows XP and not Windows 7 as I had prepared for. This was not a big problem, however, I had intended to link to the demos from Powerpoint but they did not have it, so we had to load that first. However the demo went well, they were able to use the command window and I demonstrated finding your way around networking debugging in Windows (ping, traceroute, pathping, ipconfig, telnet etc.) and explaining all the valuable information buried in the outputs.  It was very interactive, with me rushing around to explain how to enter the commands, how to use the options and explaining anomalies etc. All in all it was a lot of fun. When we got back to the hotel, we found there was no running water so no shower etc. I took an early night, bedding down at about 10:30pm, only to be awoken at 1:30am with a call from Cottage Industries to say the that we had ordered was ready to be delivered. I pointed out I was in Egypt, arranged for them to call Barbara, and quickly went back to sleep.



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