World through my eyes

Saturday 2nd October 2010

After breakfast, Mikhail and I took the Metro to the Sadat station in the center of Cairo and then made our way to the Egyptian Archaeological museum. The museum is the Egyptian center for all ancient things. It has an amazing collection going back of 4000 years, but no air conditioning. The highlights were the artifacts from King Tutankhamen’s tomb and in particular the mask. By 1:30pm we had seen most exhibits and with the heat were pretty exhausted so we left and made our way to downtown, quickly learning the perilous art of negotiating traffic as a pedestrian. We found a small café and ordered bottled water, Egyptian coffees, a small pizza and a chicken burger. I must say I am hooked on Egyptian coffee it is really tasty, latte does not hold a torch to it. After relaxing and watching the locals wandering around the old town we left the cafe and made our way to the river. There we hired a Feluca (the traditional Egyptian lateen-rigged sailboat) for a hour so we could just relax slowly going down and back up river looking at Cairo and river traffic with most of the incessant honking of horns well in the distance. Back at the Guest House we sat around and ate the standard dinner liven up by a bottle of beer each. Monique and Catherine left at about 9:15pm to catch an early morning flight to Paris. Mikhail and I took an early nigh (9:30pm) knowing we had to catch a 4:30am taxi on Sunday to fly on a 7:25am flight to Luxor (the site of Thebes, Egypt’s old capital),


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