World through my eyes

Monday 4th October

Awoke at 6:00am after a fitful sleep. Finished packing etc., met Mikhail and at 6:30am as we went outside at the Guest house, Osama showed up in the BMW. It was again fairly cool about ~80 deg F. We reached the airport at about 7:30, we bade goodbye to Osama and then Mikhail and I shook hands and said goodbye. His firm handshake reminded me of all the gentle handshakes experienced in Egypt. His plane to Moscow was not until about midday. I went through security with no challenges. I picked up a couple of toys for the twins and then caught my on time flight to Geneva.It was nice to hear the melodious French after the Egyptian with its glottal stops that often sounds as if people are arguing.  I added to the blog on the flight but ran out of battery power. In Geneva I came through customs in Geneva (there is no transfer lounge in Geneva) and then re-entered to catch my BMI flight to London which was pretty empty. In London I caught the Hoppa number 6 bus to the Ibis hotel. There was no problem booking in. The room was fine, no shampoo or soap in bathroom. I was in my room by 4:30pm. They had a deal 24 hours of Internet, TV movies etc. for 9.99GBP. So I decided to take since it was still early and I would not be leaving for the airport until 11am next morning. However the Internet did not work so after a couple of tries I had to move to a new room. About 7:30 after many calls to the front desk all was working and I started to catch up on my email backlog of the last 3days. I later had the English National dish chicken tika masala and an orange juice at the bar. I tried printing my boarding pass but the printer in the lobby was out of service. Into bed at about 11:30pm.


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