World through my eyes

Tuesday 5th October

Slept well, woke at about 7:45am to what sounded like a cup of tea being placed on the bedside table. No idea what caused the noise, there was no tea. I was just being prescient of things to come.  Called Sue on Skype but she was not there. She Skyped back about 5 mins later and we chatted for a bit. I went down for a 6.90GBP buffet breakfast English style (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, fried mushrooms and what looked like black pudding) with yoghurt, fresh fruit salad, apple juice etc. I left my room for the airport at 11:00am and caught the Hoppa bus to terminal 1 at 11:17am (runs every 20 mins).  At the airport I picked up my boarding pass at the eticket machine, did not check any baggage, passed though security, and since the boarding call was not until 12:55am I found a power point in the waiting area and connected up. I started to read the galleys of my chapter in the to be published (by the ICTP, Trieste)  book: “m-Science: Sensing, Computing and Dissemination. The modifications are due by October 9th. This book will be  released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivative Works 3.0 Unported License. I boarded the planeand took my aisle seat with an empty seat to my right. The flight attendants were very proficient if a little chronologically gifted with the youngest looking over 45-50. And miracle of miracles the plane had standard US or UK power outlets under the seat. However, the choice of movies was poor, so I watched Twilight Movie: the Eclipse(at least it had a good sound track)  followed by Predators.  The remaining choices were even less inspiring.



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