World through my eyes

Saturday Oct 10th, 2011

Saturday Oct 10th 2011
We slept at Phillip & Shiela’s house in Correns. We rose between 7:30am and 8:00am, and had breakfast (I took my anti-malarial Malaquine with my Weetabix). We left for Nice at about 10:40am after bidding sad farewell to Shilea and arrived at Nice at about 12:15pm where we said goodby to Phillip. Once again we checked our bags in, had some sandwiches and the plane left Nice on time and arrived at London Heathrow terminal 5 on time. Hazel’s taxi driver met her at the exit and we again bade fond farewell. Barbara and I took the Express train to terminal 1 and then both checked in at British Midland (Barbara for Manchester leaving at 19:00) and South African Airlines (Les for Johannesburg and Kinshasa leaving at 20:00). It took about 1.5 hours to get though passport control, wait for and pick up bags and get from terminal 5 to terminal 1. I had to check my bag since it was over the 8kg limit. This was worrisome since Johannesburg has a reputation for lost bags. Anyway I made sure I had my talks, computer and meds. Following this we got some iron rations and locks for cases at Boots, followed by sandwiches and drinks in the waiting lounge. I managed to get logged on via Boingo WiFi and caught up on email. At 6:00pm I bade farewell to Barbara leaving on her way to Manchester. At 7:20pm I logged off, after sending email to Guillaume thanking him for 2 translations and sending him more to do, and made my way to the Johannesburg plane. It was a new A322-200 beautifully equipped with large screens in the seat backs, lots of movies, TV shows etc. on demand, plenty of room under the seat and lots of leg room. They also handed out a little bag with socks, eyeshade and toothbrush, all of which made United look very poor. I watched 3 movies; Chocolat, Troy and another; all prettty hazy after a 10 hour flight gollowed by a 2 hour layover and another 4 hour flight, then 5 hours to get through customs, get my case and drive from Kinshasa airport to the University of Kinshasa.


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