World through my eyes

Good night’s sleep. Barbara’s brother Martin called at about 10:30pm local time last night. I had a short conversation with Barbara, it was good to hear her voice, then back to sleep. Dawn was announced at 5:30am by the crowing of cocks and another bird with a long shrill call. Arose at 6:30am. Breakfast with Christine and Misha was an onion omelette. We left for the conference center at 8:00am on the old bus. After picking up the other professeurs we arrived at the conference center at 8:30am.

Christine gave the first 1.5 hour talk on space physics and sunspots. After the following break I gave a lecture on how cellphones work. The slides had been translated to English by Guillaume, I gave my remarks in English and Christine translated. After the talk I was bombarded with a host of questions. Most of them had to do with radiation concerns from the cell phone set and also from the tower antennas. There were also questions on disposing of the batteries, how to determine where a phone is located, and the differences in the various generations of phones. There was a lot tremendous interest in the solar cell charger which I handed round and was returned later. When we broke for lunch there were still people with questions. Over lunch Misha and I had our photos taken so we could apply for a Congo Brazzaville visa. Lunch included chicken, cabbage, chips, and millets with maize (bit like a dumpling).
We returned to the Guest House at about 6:00pm as it quickly became dark (within 30 mins). Power was on at the Guest House however there was no Internet connection from the Wireless Access Point to the University backbone and the Internet. Monique arrived about at 9pm from Paris. We celebrated her arrival with a beer. I retired at about 10:30 after vainly trying to get the shared shower to work. I suspect they had cut off the water.


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