World through my eyes

When we got to breakfast at 7:00am the power was still off so there were no fried eggs. Soon after a man came in carrying a car battery and started the motor generator. Then we had omelettes. For today’s program on networks and the grid, the lecture hall was in the bibliotech in the main university. A large part of the audience was new. Misha kicked off with a talk on SPIDR, and I followed with on with the Internet Digital Divide: the emergence of Africa. The questions mainly had to do with the difficulty of networking in Africa.Later in the morning Dibungi Kalenda gave a talk on connecting universities and centers of research which was most interesting. I talked to him after and found out more about the existing state of networking for universities in Kinshasa and the near future.At the end we took a group photo.

Figure 23: standing 3rd from left front Dibungi Kalenda, Monique, Christine, Bruno, unknown, Dinga Bienvenue . @nd from right standing Celestin
In the evening I went to the university data center with Augustin Kanyimbu to see if we could install PingER. We installed part of it but ran into problems and gave up at 7:30pm. I will try again when I return to the US. The data center itself was being renovated so there was lots of dust etc. It looks like it will be nice when finished.

Figure 24: Servers at UniKin, one of them is, another

Figure 25: Core network at Unikin consisting of Cisco 8500s, 2960, 3570 etc.
I got back to the guest house at about 8:15pm and they had all gone to bed. Tomorrow they will pick me up at 8:30am allowing 2-3 hours to get to the airport. My flight is at 1:45 so I should be in good time. I need to pick up my laundry before I leave. I find I have 4 insect bites about my ankles.They are little red itchy dots with no swelling . They probably occurred when we were at the River Congo. Tomorrow I will wear long socks since we saw some mosquitos at the airport on the way in.


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