World through my eyes

Thursday 15th October
Up at 6:30am, good night’s sleep, I am getting used to the temperature and humidity. Breakfast at 7:00am consisted of an omelette. I had two 1.5 hour sessions to present this day so last night and this morning were busy preparing the two sessions. The first at 1:00 am was on monitoring the Internet, the second at 2:00pm was on diagnosing network problems for non-networkers. Both sessions went well. Monique translated. There were many questions, several on Ipv6.
One of the items at lunch was some kind of caterpiller. I tried it, it was chewy, with not a lot of taste.

Caterpiller for lunch

Bienvenue Dinga had succeeded in getting our visas to Congo Brazzaville across the river. They cost $80 and only accepted new banknotes, not ones with tears etc in them. Apparently Bienvenue’s cousin in at the Embassy so that may have helped. We then worked out with Christine that Misha and I would each only talk tomorrow for 45 mins plus 15 mins questions. Also we will have a short break. This will mean we should be able to leave for Brazzavile at 11:15am, go to the Embassy, pick up the visas, catch the ferry boat, look at Brazzaville (maybe a museum or an art gallery) and catch the last boat back at 4:30pm. At the end of my 2nd session I met with Dibungi Kalenda (a Professeur in Pharmacy at UNIKIN) who is working to set me up with some IT experts so I can assist in setting up a PingER host there. We will meet again on Saturday after my talk to go further with this. As usual we left the conference center as it was starting to get day at 6:00pm and by the time we got to the Guest House it was dark. I took a shower before dinner while the water was still flowing. Dinner was at 7:00pm. After dinner Bruno Kahindo and a couple of others from the University stopped by and we had some beers. Just before we went to bed a tiny light blue bird flew in. It was caught by the lady in charge.

Figure 10: hostess with bird


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