World through my eyes

Wednesday Sep 14th 2011:
Up at 7:00am, breakfast of an omelette, took malaria pill. Bus arrived to take us to the conference room at 8:20am, it had picked up the others first. While waiting Misha and I strolled down the road to see the little shop and a place to make phone calls.

Figure 8: Shop with necessities

Figure 9; Place to make phone calls
The president of the Institute gave the second talk of the morning. It appears we may appear on TV. At break it was once again apparent that everyone is quite religious about washing hands before touching any food, even small snacks, this a guard against cholera. Also I have not seen anybody smoking. On the other hand, though people are extremely tidy, well dressed and all seem healthy, however, there are enormous amounts of rubbish, manly plastic bags, lying around. Gave Dbingu Bienvenue my passport, other information and photos, they will try and get a visa to Brazzaville at the embassy in Kinshasa tomorrow. Lunch was potatoes, cabbage, rice, kebabs, fish and we also had mango juice. Drove back to the Guest House, just as it was starting to get dark at 6:00. Dinner was with a type of savory banana acting as potato. It was very pleasant together with fish and vegetables. For desert we had some excellent sweet bananas. Once again I could not get the shower to work. I had tested it before dinner when it appeared to work. However, now it did not. So it was back to the barrel, bucket, jug transfer of water to the sink to wash etc. Bed at 9:30pm, the Internet is not working again.


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