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I left the University of Manchester, England in 1967 with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics to pursue fame and fortune on the Left Coast of the U.S.A. I joined SLAC as a research physicist in High Energy Physics, focusing on real-time data acquisition and analysis in the 1990 Nobel prize winning group that discovered the quark. In 1972/3, I spent a year’s leave of absence as a visiting scientist at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and in 1979/80 at the IBM U.K. Laboratories at Hursley, England, where I obtained United States Patent 4,688,181 for a a dynamic graphical cursor.

On returning from IBM UK, in 1980, I became the manager of SLAC’s computer networking. In 1982 I became the Assistant Director of SLAC’s Computer Services (SCS). From 1995-1997 I was the Acting Director of SCS. I stepped down from the Assistant Directorship in February 2008. I am now the manager of SLAC’s computer networking and telecommunications. I am also a member of the Energy Sciences Network Site Coordinating Committee (ESCC) and the chairman of the ESnet Network Monitoring Task Force. I served on many advisory groups such as for the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), chaired the review of American Institute of Physics computing reviw, IHEP/Beijing, Internet2, and FNAL, as well as technical committees such as chairing the ESCC Network Monitoring Working Group, and as a member of the Global Grid Foundation’s Network Monitoring Working Group. I am the chairman of the International Committee for Future Accelerator’s (ICFA) Standing Committee on Inter-regional Connectivity’s (SCIC) Monitoring Group. I am a member of the Electronic Geophysical Year 2007-2008 working group on eGY-Africa (cyber-infrastructure for science in Africa).

I was a leader of the effort that, in 1994, resulted in the first permanent Internet connection to mainland China. In 2002/3, I was the co-PI of teams that captured the Internet2 Land Speed Record twice, a feat that was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records and also earned us the CENIC 2003 On the Road to a Gigabit, Biggest Fastest in the West award. In 20032004, and for a third time in 2005 I was the co-leader of the teams that won the SuperComputing Bandwidth Challenge for the maximum bandwidth utilization.

I am also the PI of the DoE funded Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring (IEPM) project which has attracted funding of almost $2M since 1997. I am the SLAC PI of the DoE funded Terapaths project, theSLAC/NIIT/MAGGIE project, and the collaboration with ICTP, Trieste.

Professional Interests

Networking and distributed computing technology are my main activities. In partcicular I am focusing on network monitoring and high performance networking. More recntly I have focused much activity on measuring the Internet’s Digital Divide” in particular as it applies to Devleoping countries. I am also very interested in the Web, since being at SLAC (the first Web site outside Europe) in the Web’s early days I used it and as assistant director of computing was able to actively support its development at SLAC. I also contributed a chapter to the book HTML and CGI Unleashed published by Sams/Macmillan as well as an article to the May 1996 edition of the Web Techniques magazine.

Other Interests

I have other interests beyond computers. I used to run, mainly at weekends, Hash when possible, and commutee to work come rain or shine on a bicycle. I enjoyed mountain climbing especially on snow and ice, and hiking in the Sierra back-country. More recently I have taken up golf and am a member of the Stanford Golf Course. I collect stamps, and am also interested in geneology and tracing the family history (currently I would be interested in hearing information on Anderton’s from Manchester and Lancashire, England, and Emmerson’s in Northumberland also in England.)

There was an article on me “Running Wild” in SLAC Today on 5/7/08, and another profile in the Symmetry magazine.




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  1. Good lord dad! Where are we in all this? You might at least write: “I have two children who despite my best efforts have not gone into the sciences and still describe me as ‘doing something confusing with computers.’

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